Monday, July 19, 2010

Gardening Alone

I have many passions in life and one of these is gardening! I am not very good at it but I love it.

I have a tiny garden at the moment and can only afford an hour a week on it, just enough to cut the tiny lawn and pull out a few weeds. Why is it that the grass grows so well in my flower borders and not in my lawn?

I have lots of friends but they are not into gardening so I am the sole beneficiary of my garden and to me it is beautiful. It has taken me 34 years to discover what grows and to get a continuity of flowering so I always have something to look at.

I spent a year noting everything that flowered well in my neighborhood and planted accordingly. I am not wealthy so it was usually from one cutting or bought plant that I could multiply  over the years. Starting with magnolias, clivias, primulas, freesias, climbing roses, fuchsias, hydrangeas, daises,  hibiscus red hot pokers and back to magnolias.

I have a few pot plants that I look after for the house, three orchids and two Xmas Cactus and I buy a yearly cyclamen which goes into the garden and sometimes thrive.

I use no insecticides and I fill up all spaces with flowers. If there is space for a weed there is space for a flower.

It really doesn't bother me if no one else enjoys it, I do, I just love it!

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