Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Paris Winter Collections John Galliano at Dior

I am a sucker for Paris Fashions! I just love the brilliance and inventiveness and sheer technical skill that goes into Paris Haute Couture.

I have always loved looking at clothes. My beloved Auntie Jo who I lived with as a child always bought Vogue! This was an indulgence in the days after the War but I loved to look at the glossy pages and view the elegant fashions that were so tastefully illustrated.  Clothing coupons meant that none of the styles shown could be attained.

Today I await with eager anticipation the Paris seasons and thanks to the miracle of IT I can attend the collections care of the on line Telegraph videos.  They are amazing! This seasons Christian Dior collection by John Galliano is a glorious hymn to material and the seamstresses art. Gorgeous to look at but I suspect not so gorgeous to wear. Can you imagine going to the loo in that!

I have worn Chanel twice in my life, once as a hand me down dress from the next door neighbour of my aunt who lived in a mews in Eaton Square and once in my intimate revue when I wore a little black Dior number cut on the cross with no bra required.

I who lived in M&S and C&A could not believe the feel as I pulled on the sheer real silk jersey sheath. It sort of clung to ones skin and made even me look like a Goddess. The cut was so exquisite you just knew it was French.

I dress and always have dressed extremely badly I really don't care for  clothes but I love looking at them. The French dress so well, they have class. Love it!

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