Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vive la France! Bastille Day

Vive la France
Today is Bastille Day,  Liberty, Fraternity and Equality and The French have celebrated their secular society by banning the burka, and any face covering  in public of any kind.

I am not usually a fan of the French, I have been short changed in Paris on a few too many occasions. I find the French numeric system far too complicated  and I have never worked it out after 50.  99 is quite beyond me.  I think it is four twenties plus nineteen?   I think the French do this to confuse their old enemy the English.

French MPs today overwhelmingly voted to ban the burka after a senior minister described it as a ‘walking coffin’ and a ‘muzzle’.
The niqab and burka are seen by some as a symbol of extremism and an attack on women's rights in the secular French Republic.

However on banning the burka I am in complete agreement. It is a disgrace to any intelligent person that a woman should have to hide under a tent to enable men to go to heaven because a man it seems is incapable of controlling himself!

It is a brave country that will stick up for the rights of women and a secular society and I congratulate the French for doing so.

The double standard that is practiced in the world today on this subject needs to be addressed. No Christian woman could walk down the streets of Iran without a veil and live to tell the tale.
If it were left to me I should remove every woman from Afghanistan  along with the troops and let the muslim men fight it out. Twenty five years and the problem would be solved. For the women of Afghanistan the Russians were Knights in Shining Amour and it is a pity the were not left in peace as the USA has no probably realized.

The Sin of Eve has a lot to answer for! Naughty lady, it is all her fault that women have to accept that they are wicked and stupid and deserve everything they get,including pain and suffering of childbirth and should definitely not be seen or heard!

Pity Eve never existed! Not a lot of people realize this and it is about time they did!

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