Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Angel Tree

My delightful neighbour from over the road called Elizabeth left a book in my letterbox. All my best friends are called Elizabeth, I have five of them. I have never met a nasty Elizabeth to date. I love and appreciate them all but it can be confusing as to which Elizabeth I am talking about.

Elizabeth thought I should enjoy this book. It was called The Angel Tree by Alex Dingwall and I did. Both Elizabeth and I love gardens and both of us have beautiful but very different gardens. Her's is a formal garden full of clipped box hedges, camellias and immaculate grass and mine is a mess but manages to look magnificent most of the year. Mine is the Petite Trianon to her formal Versailles.

It was only after I had read the book I realized the significance of her gift. The story tells of a quest for the oldest olive tree that can be bought to grace the courtyard of a charming wealthy man in France. To the end the book  did not give a hint of the denouement that was so relevant to my own situation and I am not going to spoil it because if you like gardens this is a good read and I thoroughly recommend it.

All gardens are special and very different. Mine is very, very small and yetI love it and it loves me. Everyday it is a pleasure and a surprise. It is my dearest friend. I look after it and it looks after me.

My YouTube made only three years ago looks a little tired today as it was made in standard def and the quality is now very ho hum but it still stands. I must remake it someday!

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