Friday, October 14, 2011

DSK gets away with it! Am I surprised?

So Dominque Strauss-Strauss Kann will not be prosecuted for attempted rape! He walks free! Am I surprised? Of course not. Women know that trying to get a man convicted of sexual discrimination of any kind is just not possible.

In my day we just put up with it without complaining. I have all my life. This blog would go on forever if I detailed all the times I was nearly raped. My visits to Paris and Rome were curtailed by the men of these two countries who felt it was their right to have a 'go' at a blonde Englishwoman travelling alone.

I should have known all the tales I had heard were true when I saw the hotel porter peeping through the keyhole the day I arrived. My bottom was black and blue after two days in Rome and I left. The sailor on the Bateau Mouche forced his way into the loo as I was coming out and only a well placed knee in his groin really stopped a rape and then in the Gardens of Versailles I was trailed by a man who had ideas beyond his station. Thank god my French ran to 'Cet homme me suite partout'. These essential words should be taught to every schoolgirl about to embark for France.

Oh the list goes on. My scariest escape was in a Durban Hotel near my theatre. The South African Afrikaner policeman who had shouted obscenities at me as I arrived at the hotel, White Afrikaners hate the English  decided to break down the door of my bedroom at about 2 am. I rang for the hotel night porter but this policeman soon got rid of him and I was trapped.

I could see the door giving way and I knew exactly what my fate would be so with great aplomb I got out of the window which was on the first floor. It had a ledge so I was able to carefully sidled along to the next window. From the first I got no response but the second I did. The occupant couldn't believe his eyes to see the leading lady from the musical  at his bedroom window. He let me in and went and dealt with the policeman and I went back to bed.

The times I have been 'handled' in the theatre are too numerous to mention. This sort of went with the job and even when married at universities I got chased around photocopiers by over enthusiastic professors.

All this I just took for granted. I never complained. What is the use? If you do it is the woman who gets the blame. The man gets off! Look at Mr. Strauss-Kann. His reputation in the eyes of the law is unblemished. What can one say!


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