Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP Thank you for everything

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It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Steve Jobs and it would be churlish of me not to say thank you to him on this blog. I did not know him but he changed my life when I thought it was over and in fact he has given me now at 68 the dreams of my youth.

I only wish I could have thanked him personally and it seems I am not alone. Billions of people's lives have been changed because of his foresight, brilliance and determination. His products are a delight to use and look at and for me like most of Apple users your Apple computer becomes your world and your best friend.

I was first introduced to a PC in about 2000. I did not want one and I had no interest in having one but my daughter was leaving for Italy and told me that I had to look after her email. Her computer was duly dumped on my doorstep. I was given a few directions and left to get on with it. The first six weeks were hell as I struggled with the anti virus application which didn't work. It was a horrific introduction to PC's but  I fell in love with it and what it could do and the world that was suddenly opened up to me.

I cried my eyes out when my daughter returned and took it back. I actually cried real tears and I had to have a computer of my  own immediately.

I realised I could achieve my dream of making TV programmes at home. By good luck I called into a small Apple showroom in Takapuna where I looked at an Apple Mac. It was called  the Flower Power and it was so pretty. Having been used to Windows the Mac operating system look very different, all pretty colours and glossy.

I asked the young salesman why I should buy a Mac as it was more expensive that a PC and her gave me the best advise I have ever received. He just said well if you want it to work buy a Mac!  and I did and my love affair with Apple began.

My Mac gave me a reason for living when I was near to dying. It saved my life by giving me access to forums where people in a like situation could help me through a horrendous Benzodiazepine  withdrawal. I whiled away the hours of pain a seizures by making me concentrate.

I gave me the opportunity to make small DVD discs on Bookbinding that became a top seller on Amazon and still are today and introduced me to Video editing. Apple even allowed me to make a DVD showing how to use iMovie 2 up to 6.3 Lastly the Garageband has enabled me to sing again as after I lost my accompanist and husband at the same stroke I thought my singing days had gone forever.

I love my iPod Touch and I shall happily say goodbye to the world with it plugged into my ears. Like Steve Jobs I intend to go with dignity. Steve Jobs lived his life to the full. He is an inspiration to us all. I am sure he was no angel on occasion but his vision had been worth it for so many.

Thank you Mr Jobs and now RIP

PS The Flower Power Mac is now a collector's item! I must dig mine out of the Garage!

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