Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Delights of Offal

Offal? Yum, yum yum?

In the olden days some of the best parts, like kidney were only the for the rich. Only two kidneys per sheep meant deviled kidneys for breakfast each day were not on the menu of the poor.

Queen Alexandria's favorite sandwiches were tongue and scrambled egg!

Being a child of the war I lived on offal and I still do. Liver and onions, steak and kidney pie, kidneys as now the are easy to buy so I have those cooked in port wine. My grandmother made tripe and onions and it was delicious. Sheep's brains too are scrumptious, rather like herring row.

The problem is some faith systems do not allow the eating of offal and label the meat as unclean which it isn't. This has got offal a bad name. These same faith systems inflict horrendous pain and suffering it the name of their beliefs on the unfortunate animal as they kill it and throw all the offal away!

As food gets scarcer as it did in the war offal will become more attractive. If you are starving I think one might be forgiven for eating anything dead.

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