Friday, October 21, 2011

Golden Girls hit the town

Last night I and two of my golden girls friends hit the town. We went to fine dine at the Orbit Revolving Restaurant at the top of the biggest dental drill in the world known better as the Auckland Sky Tower.

I make no apologies for saying I think this is one of the restaurants of the world. Wonderful food for which New Zealand is so famous. Nothing better than New Zealand lamb and I love the fish but into the bargain the Orbit Restaurant which lives up to its name as it goes round and round once an hour, delivers the view to die for.

Auckland is the most ravishing city set as it is between two oceans. If you arrive at twilight you can watch a magical sunset and then see the city lights begin to twinkle and eat a delicious dinner at the same time. Life can be so good.

We had fun as you can see from above. New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup and Rugby is like a religion here. NZ has made the final which is on Saturday and only the French stand between NZ and Victory. As you can see we had to have our pictures taken with the cheer leaders! We used to look like that once but we still feel like the cheer leaders today.

Looking down on Auckland is always a delight. Tonight we saw the Occupy Wall Street protesters camp by the Town Hall where I ran my opera company many years ago. It made me proud to be an Aucklander. 

To top off the night a huge party of French supporters arrived much to everyone's delight and I made a funny. I can rarely do this! The French are a canny nation and have deprived NZ of the precious cup once before. NZ can be a little premature in celebrations sometimes so I casually said 

 It would perhaps be safer before counting one's chickens to kill the cockerel first!

Three very happy ladies returned home determined to repeat the event ASAP

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