Friday, July 15, 2016

Auckland Transport- SkyPath- Northcote Point Parking Survey

Janette Miller is not a member of Northcote Resident Association. Her interest in SkyPath is safety.

Skypath -Auckland Transport- Northcote Point Parking Plan Survey for Environment Court 

Before the next sitting of the Environment court  the judge  has ordered Auckland Transport to submit a plan for parking on Northcote Point that will be put into effect when SkyPath is built. So Auckland Transport has been forced to send a proposed parking scheme out to all the residents of Northcote Point for its feedback and this is it!

Northcote Point Supposed Parking Scheme 

The purpose of this proposed parking scheme is to assist with the management of the potential increase in parking demand associated with SkyPath - the proposed walking and cycling path across the Harbour Bridge. If constructed, SkyPath will land at the southern end of Princes Street in Northcote Point.
While it is expected that many people using SkyPath will walk or cycle to the facility, some may choose to travel to the area by car.
The unrestricted parking on residential streets around Northcote Point could be attractive for people using SkyPath, particularly on weekends during summer (Note jm:  and on weekdays as park and ride!). This could result in a lack of parking for local residents and other visitors to the area. Ref AT
There is no room for this project on the Point. SkyPath was not made to supply one car park for the 20,000 + that will be using SkyPath a weekends in five years time! I hardly dare write this as it looks preposterous and yet below are the Auckland City Official Research 2014  figures that were used for the Resourse Conscent and were accepted as accurate. Somehow AT and Northcote Point which is already overparked have to find even more parking which is just not there. The Auckland Council official of numbers of visitors expected are mind blowing.
SkYPath 2014 Research Final -20-6.14   pdf 32/45

Auckland Transport says all it was asked for were 40 places and there its responsibility ends. One wonders if AT read the Ak.C.C Research document.  On SkyPath's opening day,  NZTA are going to have to do something once the current PM, the Mayor and Auckland Transport have ridden over to a fanfare of trumpets and the two way 4 meter wide, 1.2 k tunnel is open. I suggest open the Bridge. It has been done before when about 3,000 turned up in 2009.

AT’s plans sent to residents and on the web  for this survey are grossly incomplete, misleading and senseless.  The map supplied to the residents is out of date and does not give the present state of play. Sea Path and the New Cycle Lanes are not shown nor are the 14 parks AT has removed.  No mention is made of paid meters. It looks as if SkyPath is only going to affect the areas shown but SkyPath will impact on every householder on the Point. SkyPath customers have been told they can park all day if the wish in the streets. House owners have no right to the parking in front of their homes and it seems neither do the shops and businesses which will see all their customers disappear because if the customers cannot find a park they will go home never to return.

This week I forgot about school holidays and I went to the Zoo. The Zoo has excellent parking with its own large carpark and huge spare parking nearby and yet this was full. Even the roads around were full and I turned around and came home. This happened to me too at the Rose Festival in Parnell. I came home. I cannot get to either venue by public transport. SkyPath visitors and visitors to the shops and cinema will do the same  on Northcote Point if they do not arrive early and grab a park for the day. They will go home. People learn quickly.

Here is a video that demonstrates clearly the space that 2,000 cyclists all together take up. They take up far more room than pedestrians. Northcote Point with the best will in the world is not big enough to host this project. Auckland Transport or even our local Council Kaipatiki Board seem unaware of this or do not want to look. This is a real problem and should be addressed.

Lastly how much is this costing Auckland Ratepayers. All this is being paid for by The Auckland City Council. The Ratepayers should be told how much this is costing and allow us to option out. Maybe this should be my next question. Why don't the Council make sure it is safe first?

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  1. We learnt quickly with regard to zoo parking and how frequently our daughter likes to visit (we have annual passes). With the help of a child seat, we now bike there and bypass the problem entirely.