Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bravo to the Bull

Bravo for the Bull!

Last week spectators at the Navarre Bull Ring in Spain had to run for their lives. The video footage was most impressive. Terrified crowds full of children had to scamper out of danger.

I could not but for once be pleased at their discomfort and fortunately nobody was killed except of course the Bull.  After suffering at the hands of the spectators for fifteen minutes the bull was put to death but the bull did manage to injure 40 of them. They shouldn't have been there!

I find Bull Fighting a particularly nasty sport. How anyone can go and see a live creature tortured to death for pleasure is beyond me and take children. The Romans, those bastions of civilization enjoyed it. Good afternoon at the arena with lions, crocs and a few Christians thrown in was their idea of a well spent Saturday

I fail to see how Bull fighting an be allowed to continue today. One area of Spain has been sensible enough to ban it and hopefully the rest will follow. The sooner the better.

Iran still seems to enjoy a good stoning, maybe Iran should try Bull fighting! Only joking. Stoning is no fun for humans and Bull fighting is no fun for bulls.

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