Monday, August 30, 2010

Cuba Home of Organic Gardening for all

Organic Farming: How Cuba Fought its Oil Addiction 
Starved of cheap oil after the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba’s fossil fuel dependent agriculture faced ruin. Farmers responded by going back to traditional methods and going green.
I love gardens and gardening. I love growing flowers like my grandfather Thorpe and to my delight my daughter enjoys growing vegetables like her great grandfather Miller. She does so in an incredibly small garden which is hardly larger than a pocket handkerchief yet she manages to grow carrots, tomatoes and leaks in abundance. It is very impressive.

So it was with some delight and surprise  that I was introduced to the Organic Gardens of Cuba.  As you can see from the above quote Cuba has had to make its own arrangements as to feeding its population and the way things are going Cuba is going to be one country that will possibly survive climate change and lack of oil.

Everywhere in the city are small gardens full of vegetables. Everything is organic. To help kiosks are set up all over the city to give help and information to potential gardeners. The whole set up is very enouraging.

I already grow herbs within my flower boarders and lettuce in pots.There is only one of me so I only need a few leaves a day. I get no frost at all as I live by the sea and 'no frost' is not good for root vegitable like potaoes and carrots but I have quince tree, ouch, very, very bitter raw and my own  oranges and lemons.

I have very little lawn. Mowed lawns are like green deserts. Unproductive and expensive to maintain.

So bravo Cuba for showing us in the so called advanced countries how to do it! Not only organic gardens but a magnificent ballet company to boot.  Would love to visit. Never thought I should  ever say this.

Here's my quince tree!

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