Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ladies who Lunch NZ Style

About twice a year I become a Lady who Lunches when I have coffee with my two friends at Smith & Caughey, Auckland's answer to Harrods or Horrids as we used to call it in London. However S&C unlike Horrids is not vulgar just wonderful.

Auckland may be small but you can buy virtually everything that you could buy in Paris or London but you have to look for it. S&C has a brilliant selection of clothes from Paris and Italy as well as NZ designers like Trelise Cooper whose clothes I adore. Here is me wearing a gorgeous embroidered coat.

It was a size too big and sadly I have no need of such a coat these days as I seldom go out but at least I got to wear it once. Highly recommended.

I have one or two couture items but they are second hand but it is lovely to be able to look and feel. Some of the things designers are doing with fabrics these days is magical and it is enough for me to see and admire. I do not need to own.

By chance we happened on a 'Sale' day! Oh I love sales, especially in the perfumery department. Again I can't travel so this is my chance to stock up. I love French perfumes that smell of oranges and sandalwood which is now off the menu.

So delicious coffee, cakes and conversation and a return visit to buy all those things I left on the shelf.

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