Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pope Benedict - Ordain Women Now! Bus Campaign

Pope Benedict will be confronted by posters on London's famous red buses during his trip to the British capital next month which will call for the ordination of women priests.
Protests are planned throughout his four-day trip to England and Scotland, the first papal visit since John Paul II's pastoral visit in 1982 and the first-ever official papal visit to Britain.
The Independent 26 August 2010
Normally in life I have learned never to discuss religion or politics. I lose too many friends that way and we all need friends. When I grew up in UK in the 1950's all children I knew received a religious education including me. It was what we did.

I was very good a Religious Education. I came first at my convent school. I got 98% for my catchisim exam. I know my Adam & Eve! I really do! Consequently all my fiends are religious!

Although no longer a believer I feel sorry for the Bus Campaign Ladies. Their £15,000 will not induce this Pope or any Pope to ordain women now or in the future. It cannot happen.

Why? I hear you ask aghast! Surely all the Pope has to do is change his mind? Well no he can't. The Pope is stuck in 1870 and the introduction of Papal Infallibility. This is little understood by anyone outside the Vatican but I have always been interested in this subject which is brushed under the carpet by the Vatican and the reason is so incredible you can see why.

Pope Pius IX lived for 90 years. He was superbly confident, so in 1870 Pope Pius IX called a Council Vatican and had all the Scared Scripture set in Stone. That meant the Bible as it stood  plus The Sacred Tradition as The Acts of the Apostles is known, the Holy Tradition which includes the celibacy orders that were enforced earlier mainly to stop priests having enormous families that the church would have to look after were defined as the revealed work of God and stood as is for all time There was also the Magistarium which was the church authorities could suggest new dogma.

Then as the piece de resistance Papal Infallibility was defined which meant any Pope could define new dogma that was not in the sacred texts like The Bodily Assumption of The Blessed Virgin into Heaven  by means of an ex cathedra Statement. Unless a pope spoke under this authority anything else a Pope said was not Kosher and could be open to interpretation. This is so important when dealing with Popes as you never can be sure if it is them or a Pope talking to you. Non Catholics find this confusing.

The important part about this dogma was that once something had been defined as Infallible and that included all of the above, right or wrong it could never be changed! Pope Pius IX was told not to do it but he wouldn't listen. Old age is not the best judge of the future.

It sounds like a fairy story that I have made  up ! I am not so creative. Billions of Catholics believe this.  I know you won't believe me but that is the case.

Pope Pius IX has spoken and Pope Benedict  XVI can do nothing about it. Check the  Vatican's Wiki page on Papal Infallibility. It is an eye opener. Why the Vatican just does not say this is  escapes me but perhaps it is better to pretend that one day the Pope  might allow women priests if women are good. He won't.

So the Bus Ladies have had it!

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