Thursday, August 12, 2010

NZ wins 90-year Australia Apple War

NZ wins 90-year Australia apple war
New Zealand has won its long-running apple war against Australia.A World Trade Organization decision issued in Geneva early this morning ruled against Canberra's efforts to block imports of Kiwi apples.
"It is a stunning victory for New Zealand," said Trade Minister Tim Groser.
Australia has refused for 90 years to let New Zealand apples be sold there, claiming fire blight in New Zealand apples would infect its apple and pear orchards.
New Zealand has maintained that the ban was imposed to protect local growers, which is against WTO rules.
Even after the scientific evidence went against Australia, it refused New Zealand apple growers free access to its markets.

It set up conditions deemed impractical by New Zealand growers, such as bathing apples in chlorine disinfectant and storing them for weeks.

 So says the New Zealand Herald  when reporting the victory, and even so Australia is going to appeal.

So much for Free Trade. Australia our closest neighbour and alley has kept NZ Apples off their market for ninety years because of fire blight which has been known to reside in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens  for decades. Australia actually has fire blight and they know this but still have moved heaven and earth to keep out a few NZ Apples.

NZ does Free Trade but it seems no other country in the world does it quite like us. USA denies NZ produce entry and so does the Common Market while trumpeting Free Trade for the rest of us.  NZ could supply India with all the meat it needed if we were allowed to do so but we are not. The rules do not apply to the rich and powerful.

I don't know how The Australian Government can look NZ in the eye after this. It is just another example Australia First is the order of the day and to hell with everybody else.

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