Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roller Coaster Trills - It in the genes

Heard a BBC programme on the thrills of roller coasters. Evidently the thrills are all in our genes. It seems 10% of us are wired to seek out thrills. We need the adrenaline punch of excitement .

Personally I can do without a roller coaster ride although I am a risk taker. Anyone who does operas on televison live has to have a death wish. Proudly I can admit that I have only experienced one roller coaster ride in my life and I was terrified but as my daughter who loves roller coasters was determined to go on this ride and there was nobody else to take her I decided I had to do it. It surely couldn't be that bad so I closed my eyes and lived through it. It was a memorable five minutes.

I got off in one piece and in truth it wasn't that bad and I knew that that was my one and only ride I should ever make. This was it but my motto is try everything once.

This morning I heard on the programme that the very worst type of roller coaster is small and enclosed and in the dark. Not being able to see what is coming makes the whole thing so much more thrilling or terrifying. Even today one of the very worst rides is The Space Mountain ride at Disneyland.

Guess which the one and only roller coaster ride of my life was? Got it in one - Space Mountain. I hope my daughter appreciated me!

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