Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Auckland makes BBC News

Today Auckland made the headlines of BBC  World News.What was the topic that was so important it was the main feature? Another Rainbow Warrior? A plane crash?  The NZ dollar had reached parity with the USA dollar? No far more important than that. Auckland had SNOW!

Well as you can see from the illustration not much snow! If you blinked you would have missed it. I did miss it but somewhere in Auckland there was a smattering of the white stuff enough to hit the world headlines as there has been no snow in thirty years.

Snow always comes as a surprise in Godzone. The farmers are convinced it never happens and time lambing for the very worst of the winter. This is so the lambs will be ready for the European spring next April but it means that the lambs are born in the very depths of winter. Last year surprise, we had snow in winter and millions of lambs died. So many died that two freezing works have had to close this month because there are no sheep to cull.

You would think the farmers would learn but surprise, surprise it has snowed this year and the result will  I expect be the death of millions more more lambs. I think it is just to cruel. There is no need to make sheep give birth in the very worst weather but then I am a sentimental old thing. I do not have the hang of Capitalism.

It was cold today and I actually had to turn on my electric fire which immediately gave up the ghost in a puff of smoke. The NZ winter is nothing like the UK winter of 1947. Now that was a winter. Auckland is more like a cold August summer day.

Still I  shall be going to the Chateau Tongariro so I can film some of the stuff for my Wintereisse CD that I recorded with Miles when the weather is a bit better. I only require a light covering and not an avalanche. I shall have to buy some gloves.

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