Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Grand Duchess Anastasia

May I introduce you to HRH the Grand Duchess Anastasia. She was born/made in 1921 in Monte Carlo and now she is sitting on my sofa in Auckland New Zealand and it is freezing!

Anastasia is not amused. She was so 'not amused' that I found my real Russian fur hat for her to wear. She looked so lonely that I suggested Fred my trusty turkey try to cheer her up.

What is a Grand Duchess doing sitting in my drawing room in Auckland New Zealand? I am not sure Anastasia knows. She certainly looks very bored. When it ones to looking down one's nose at the hoi poloi Anastasia has got what it takes. Her look can kill!

In 1921 my Miller grand parents were rich. My grandfather Hugh Miller had escaped the slums of Glasgow by inventing the multi colored golf umbrella and for a few years held the patent pending. He made a fortune and was able to holiday in Monte Carlo where my grandmother discovered and bought Anastasia.

Anastasia was made by a Grand Duchess. The Russian Revolution had meant many a Grand Duchess escaped to the South of France with out the proverbial ruble and consequently scratched a living making the most beautiful dolls. Anastasia reeks class. She is no ordinary doll she is a royal doll.

My grandparents travelled all over the world. Anastasia has emigrated to Canada in the 1930's, not a success, lived through the Blitz in London, become poor again as my grand father's business collapsed, golf clubs are not much good in a war and eventually emigrated to New Zealand twice as my mother loathed the place and took her back to Bournemouth.  Anastasia was not amused. Now Anastasia is back again with me.

She reigns over my drawing room. She can look very dismissive even though she has some ravishing objects to look at such as a claret jug from Napoleon III's table and a Jane Austin piano but she hankers for the Winter Palace and the old good old days and all she gets is a turkey. I mean!!!

Nevertheless spring is on its way and hopefully Anastasia will feel better.

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