Monday, August 1, 2011

The Voyage that Shook the World and me!

Last night I watched by accident the film above on Sky TV in New Zealand. I missed the introduction so must have joined in about a third of the way through and being a great fan of Darwin I sat back to enjoy the rest of the programme.

It was beautifully made with great production values and must have cost a fortune and I wondered why I had not seen it before as there was a lot of interest created for Darwin's double centenary two years ago in 2009.

There were lots of experts with great credentials but it was only when mentioning that Darwins finches could have evolved like breeding pigeons and the flash floods could have caused the geological strata that I began to feel uncomfortable with what I was seeing and started to smell at rat.

When it started on the purpose Darwin's theory really being against religion and there were doubts as to it validity that I knew something was seriously wrong with this documentary. A search for the title, I had to find the Sky magazine and a quick Wiki showed that in fact it was a covert Creationist production set up to entice scientists who otherwise would not have taken part.

I have no gripe with alternative presentations but I do have a gripe with sneaky documentaries like this that have a hidden agenda ment to fool. For anyone not scientifically educated this documentary gives the firm impression that The Modern Scientific Theory of Evolution is still only a theory!

For me DNA sequence says it all. DNA, of course, was never mentioned. Darwin far from being displeased I feel sure would have been delighted with DNA as it proves everything he said.

However the film is worth a watch as an example of what can be achieved by propaganda and money in an attempt to deceive. Why didn't they just say Darwin is wrong and this is why!

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