Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who needs a green belt?

It appears that the UK planners have gone completely mad and are about to concrete over the green belt. Concrete is the name of the game. Same in NZ at the moment. Miles and miles of concrete. The article was in today's paper and I couldn't help myself but add the rather long comment below. I can be so naughty!

Who needs a 'green belt'? Totally unnecessary.

Why don't we cover the whole of England with concrete and be done with it! We have to put the 70 million somewhere. The planners are thinking ahead.

Lots more motor ways and airports too and miles and miles of ribbon development. Wonderful. Can't wait.

I suppose we could allow a 'Last tree in England Square'  and a couple of stuffed badgers but are things of natural beauty necessary today? .

Soon the only green places left will belong to the Crown and it should look to  its laurels. Buckingham Palace  is ripe for development and perhaps Number 10 too, as a good architect could get at least three or four townhouses on that garden. I mean the PM doesn't need a lawn does he? Concrete is the very thing. Polished it can look quite beautiful.

Rioters love concrete. Makes them feel good and deprived. All that ghastly devastation. Perhaps a few trees in tubs for  them to burn might not be amiss and flowers, rioters love flowers. They  remind them of what they are missing.

Hell here on earth right now is what we want. The planners are so right. Lots of development and lots of money to be made so they can take off to ...... well I'm not sure! Where does one go to escape concrete these days? The world is so crowded but who cares! God will provide.... I hope and anyway all will be green and pleasant in heaven. No rioters there! God has a way with rioters!

Oh yes! This article really made me feel good.  Next lets start on closing every manufacturing industry down and send the work off shore.  Far cheaper and cost effective and we need more unemployed. I mean who is going to trash our cities?

Oh and lastly tax the poor! Forget about the bankers and politicians. They are allowed to shaft the system. It is legal for them.  They really need the money! They are just doing their job and very well too. Such upright citizens with such good morals. 'The rich man in his castle and the poor man at his gate' is so true. Why don't the poor know their place?  It is 'Do as I say 'not 'Do as I do'! Can't the poor tell the difference?

What the poor need is a solid private public school education so they can grow up to shaft the system too.

Oh and lots of religion! Total belief in Adam & Eve!

How wonderful the future is going to be! Can't wait!

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