Sunday, August 7, 2011

Capitalism and Croquet don't work!

It struck me this morning after the financial and political travails of the past weeks that Capitalism is like a game of Association Croquet, both are outdated, both don't work in today's circumstances, both are brilliant if you are a winner and disastrous if you are a loser, both need absolute selfish dedication and adherence to the rules. No quater is ever given. No change is ever contemplated and all opposition must be quashed.

Croquet and Capitalism are horrible games played by horrible people. You have to be a totally without empathy to succeed  and able to live with a total lack of sympathy with your opponent. If you have these traits Capitalism and Association Croquet are the games for you but if like me you have some sympathy with your opponent and would like to give them a fair go you a destined to be a failure.

I think is it fair today to say that Capitalism as it has been played in that past no longer works. The free for all of buying up every company in site, sacking the workers and selling the assets and taking no responsibility for their fate is no longer acceptable. It is the same with Association Croquet. It needs hours and hours to play a game and if you hit someone just slightly better than you you can expect hours and hours of sitting in a deck chair with no chance of actually hitting a ball more than once. You will never get 'in' and your opponent doesn't give a stuff.  'That's the game' you are told and 'no we do not bend the rules. You'll just have to put up with it!'

The Croquet Association could change the rules  but the old players like the system as it works for them so to hell with everyone else. Consequently the game of Association Croquet is dying on its feet. Few new players and a huge fall off as potential players learn that they are just there to pay the club fees and watch the old codgers 'go around'.

People who are denied an opportunity to join in cannot fend for themselves. Eventually people will get angry if they are kept sitting on the sidelines for too long without a living salary, education and health care and demand changes. It is happening all over the world as the young realize that the system and politicians now in charge are only interested in themselves and not in their citizens. The young have youth on their side. Old clerics of any faith beware!

If you have winners you will have losers and it is up to the winners to look after the losers but our politicians don't seem to get this and neither does the Croquet Association. If the game is too unpleasant people eventually rebel and won't play. Rulers have to learn to look after the 'have nots' or be thrown to the lions as Marbarak in Egypt. Thirty years of selfishness and corruption and ends up behind bars. Bush and Obama are both guilty. You cannot get elected president of the USA with out bankers and corporations backing and that means offensive, in your face capitalism.

Association Croquet could be great game but needs a few changes  to the rules to let opponents have a bit of a hit every time the game is played. Capitalism is the best going as long as it is regulated and the rules of trade are fair to all. Greedy bankers unscrupulous speculators and corrupt politicians have to be kept in hand.

Anyway it looks as if time is up for both systems. What it needs is a Napoleon with a whiff of grapeshot to say 'stop this nonsense' and sort this out. I only wish I was younger!

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