Friday, August 3, 2012

An Olympic Addiction

Double scullers Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan have painted gold on New Zealand's Olympic campaign.
The defending world champions won the title with a sizzling second half on Eton Dorney to roar home and collect New Zealand's first gold medal of the Games. NZ Herald

Have I said that I love the Olympics? It seems I am addicted to them. For two weeks every four years I catch up on what has been happening in the world of sport by seeing the best both night and day. Then I can forget sport for the next four years.

It is known in the statistical world that women do not like or favor sport whatever the coverage women's sport gets on the TV. Only 2.5% of women participate. I know this is correct for I edited a sports magazine for NZ sportswomen and our sales were bang on 2.5% of population.  It didn't last long! Sport once every four years is about right for the majority of women.

What I enjoy is seeing the range of sports I never normally see like fencing and archery. The fencing was so fast I could not see the hits at all. The huge clumsy bows that dwarf  the archer are not what was used at Agincourt. I think they should go back to the long bow and no technology as it spoils the fun of seeing the misses! 

Then there was the thrill of the canoe white water races. I had never seen them before. If I were young I'd love to do that. Handball seemed to me a bit of a silly game as the goalie hasn't a shot at defending that huge goal.

The gymnastics of all sorts is the culmination of four years work as the code changes after the Olympics and the gymnasts start again to learn new skills, 

I am watching rifle shooting at the moment and oh the thrill UK has won another gold and I never knew the sport existed.

Lastly I loved watching the sail borders off the Weymouth coast. They looked like a line of flying ants. I see sail borders everyday but never appreciated what they achieved in speed and beauty.

Oh I could go on and on with the plethora of riches Sky and TVNZ manage to broadcast during this two weeks.

Now on to Track and Field and my four yearly interest in athletics. One week down and one to go!

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