Sunday, August 5, 2012

Surprise NZ beats Australia in Medal Table!

Surprise! This does not happen very often but for a couple of days tiny New Zealand has beaten Australia in the Olympics 2012 medal table. When you consider there are just 4 million of us and 20 million of them and Australia is the richest country in the world it is some feat.

If medals were given out on population New Zealand would be top as there are one billion Chinese and they only have 25 gold medals! Sort of puts it in perspective.

We have about the same population as Norway, perhaps the second richest country in the world and they are 39th. Mark you because of the large amounts of snow Norway heads the Winter Olympics and NZ gets unplaced even though we have a bit of snow most years and occasionally a lot.

New Zealand won't stay in 13th spot for long as we are not strong on athletics and indeed 3 gold medals is more than enough. We can really celebrate all our Olympians but we do have a healthy rivalry with Australia! 

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