Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ecuador Assange and Diplomatic Immunity

Assagne is holed up in the Ecuador Embassy in London

My answer to the problem would be for Ecuador to give Assange full diplomatic immunity by making him a Deputy Ambassador and drive him to the airport. Simple!

Try to separate the concept of justice from the individual to whom it should apply. Assange is an unsympathetic character but his case raises deep issues potentially affecting us all. 
While rape is no light matter, what matters much more is the freedom of global society to expose mass murder of civilians.

If it were another European country Assange could not be extradited for questioning as at the moment he is not guilty until proven. That is why this extradition is so questionable. 

If Assange only had to face these allegations and at the moment that is what they are and there was no threat of extradition to USA he would gladly go back to Sweden and speak to the police. We live in the IT age so why not use Skype to question Assange? Because Skype would not give the opportunity for the USA to get its hands on him.

It seems a case of Assange's word against the womens. I believe he remained in Sweden for quite some time and at first the case was dropped so its resurrection does give the appearance of being manufactured for convenience.

USA and UK have a vested interest.

USA is also behaving appallingly in the case of the young British hacker whose name escapes me, who has autism and foolishly broke into the USA codes. They want to put him in prison for life and just want UK to hand him over to face certain death. UK also harbors some unattractive Russian gentlemen who are wanted for criminal fraud  in Moscow.
1. Of course, it is a SET UP. It's a trap. 
2. The trap is deadly. The Swedes purposefully have not even issued a legal charge against Mr. Assange, but so strangely have issued an extradiction warrant for help in their enquiries. This is so Mr. Assange will go to Sweden, or someone cotton wool wrapped (or an actual wolf in sheep's clothing) will think it is alright to enforce the warrant without any legal charge. 
3. The trap is intended for that Mr. Assange end up in USA being tried for espionage, which could have him put to death 
4. The women in Sweden involved were set up. And, there is no legal charge against Mr Assange.

P S on a lighter side. I had an Eccentric auntie Jo who was terribly British and quite a character rather like Miss Marples. She lived in a run down mews in Eaton Square and shopped at Harrods buying a shilling's worth of Bicarbonate of Soda to get a Harrods bag  and look as though she had bought some caviare.

This day we were walking past the building above and out of the door tripped Shirley Bassey in her prime, beautifully dressed in a  leopard skin coat and the highest heels you have ever seen. It was 1960!

My aunt recognized Miss Bassey immediately with a gasp of pleasure and then Miss Bassey tripped down the stairs on her high heels and a stream of the foulest language ensued. 

I was used to bad language as my father was a Major in the army in the war and had a ripe vocabulary but my aunt was  raised in Chiswick. She was visibly shocked.

The two women glared at each other in deadly silence. Miss Bassey knew she had committed a faux pas! My aunt glared at her and said in a loud voice 'Come away Babs!'

Miss Bassey knew she had become a fallen idol.

I never forgot it. That door step is indelibly printed on my memory.

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