Friday, August 17, 2012

Best Cities to live Auckland Number Ten

It seems I am lucky enough to live in one of the world's top ten cities -

Ten Best Cities to live in  Number 10 Auckland

There is no doubt about it  Auckland is beautiful. It used to be more beautiful when it was less built up and in fact back from the shore line it is now not as attractive as it was.

By accident I live by the Harbour Bridge which is perhaps the very best spot to have a house. The view is glorious and my rates reflect this! When we bought 37 years ago this locality was extremely unfashionable. The building of the bridge had meant a large scale exodus and only the brave or mad considered living in its shadow.

We were warned not to buy here and definitely not to buy the run down villa we favored which in the opinion of our NZ friends was only fit to be pulled down.

We did buy, we did it up and now it is a desirable residence which if I sold at this moment would buy back the house I  sold in Shepherds Bush to come here.

However I would never, never swop Auckland for Shepherds Bush. I think Auckland's main asset is the weather. No frosts and for a gardener that is a bonus. My geraniums never die! I love being able to drive out into the country within twenty minutes. It used to be ten minutes but Auckland has spread out over the strawberry fields.

Public transport leaves a lot to be desired. NO TUBE yet. One is on the way but should have been put in 30 years ago. Traffic jams are also a fact of life but nothing like Marble Arch and the Bayswater Road.

No theatre to speak of but great orchestras and wonderful restaurants! Great wines and of course the beautiful harbor with its great sailing opportunities.

Yep I can see why Auckland is numero ten. Mark you I still love visiting London and Paris and New York but not to live.

Ten worst Cities

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