Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Northcote Point Ferry

If you are feeling blue there is nothing like a ferry ride to pick you up. Of course you have to live near a ferry and by chance I am lucky enough to do just that for at the bottom of my road is the Ferry into Downton Auckland.

It takes just ten minutes and it is pure magic as one is transported under the beautiful Auckland Harbour Bridge on the way. My ferry terminal is just to the left of the bridge behind the group of pohutakawa trees. One has to hail the ferry as it comes up from Birkenhead rather like hailing a London Bus at a request stop. This sort of adds to its charm. Sadly if you miss it there is not another one behind!

Not many people use my stop during the day and one has to request the ferry to call in on the return journey. Be warned the button one has to push to exit from the pier is well hidden and the first time I used the ferry it took me quarter of an hour to find it! It was like being in a cage.

If I was still in the workforce this would have been my mode of transport. Even on a bad day this trip makes you feel good. It even has a coffee bar and there is just time for a latte to start the day.

Sadly my working days are over but now I don't have to pay. My trips are free! Mark you I pay for them on my rates so each trip possibly costs me $50 as I travel rarely and Auckland transport is part of our rates.

If you are a visitor to Auckland the ferries are the way to see this beautiful city. London, New York and Paris have parks but Auckland has a harbour.

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