Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google London Offices from Hell?

Googles granny flat look

Google has just unveiled its stunning new office headquarters in London. An event to be eagerly anticipated by all fans of this innovative and slightly secretive company.

Having had a look at the photos one has to admire the sheer audacity of the design. Truly ground breaking and original and straight back to the suburbia of the Metro Land of the 1930's or in other words horrible. I cannot think of anything worse.

This period of interior design must be the ugliest in the whole history of interior decoration . The busy chintz, the over padded plush furntiture and oh those awful lamp shades not to mention the horrible busy carpets. One could pick up the whole shabby lot second hand for a song in the Shepherd's Bush Road.

I am just so relieved that I am not working for Google! The meeting rooms are like padded cells and are the stuff of nightmares. I must be getting old.

There was just one office I liked and in keeping with my Olympic theme for the fortnight it had a 1948 poster on the wall that I have on the Opening Ceremony programme but even this office is a bit retro 60's, a little bit Formica.

Oh, Google what a joke! I give it three weeks before the decorators are in with the magnolia paint.

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