Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super Synchronized Swimming Suits Olympics 2012

Wow! Hats off to Synchronized Swimming for their fabulous swimming costumes. Absolutely gorgeous. Here is the Telegraphs salute to them in their fashion parade

I always thought of Synchronized Swimming as a bit of a joke but the sport has matured and is now really NO Joke. It is so intense and clever and the swimmers have to be dedicated, brilliant swimmers, strong and intelligent to achieve such perfection.

I was amazed at the performances of these women. The years of deferred gratification that is required to hit this standard is daunting. One must really love doing it to attempt it.

The amount of trust in your partner is another trait that one must have as a mistake by either of them at this level is disastrous.

I was a Rhythmic Gymnastics judge for a short period. In my day only the simplest of leotards were allowed and even these were expensive. Today with the complexity of the costumes the expense and complex construction  and skill in making them I am so glad I am not a mother trying to fund my daughter. I certainly could not afford one!

However I have always loved fashion and it is a joy to see the creativity that has gone into these beautiful costumes.

PS I discovered the ugly nose plugs are purely for health and safety to stop the chlorine going up their noses. During training the swimmers also wear goggles for the same reason. During the long 4 minute routines the swimmers feet must not touch the bottom of the pool. This requires the tremendous strength of an outstanding sportswoman.

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