Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic Drug Cheat Robs NZ'er of Gold Medal

One should never say Never! Yesterday I thought, incorrectly, that my blog on the London Olympics was over.  I was wrong! As you can see from the above photo our brave, gallant New Zealand shot putter was robbed of her rightful Gold Medal by the Belarusian Nadzeya Ostapchuk who has been stripped of her gold medal for testing positive to the steroid Metenolone.

New Zealander Valerie Adams  is now a double gold Olympic  medal winner!

Valerie Adams was expected to win. She was really New Zealand's best hope of Gold. She is a truly lovely person and took her defeat with grace but it hurt. She cried on NZTV as she said she felt that she had let New Zealand down.

To stand and watch the Belarusian accept the Gold and hear the Belarusian National Anthem with dignity must have been very difficult because she and New Zealand knew that the chance of hearing God Defend New Zealand in the London Olympic Stadium was now over.

It was pretty obvious if you watched the competition that something was wrong. Ostapchuk looked strangely masculine. Nothing wrong with that if that is your natural gene make up but Ostapchuck was like this because of a drug. Belaruse does not pre test its athletes and as only 10%  drug cheats get caught  Ostapchuck had possibly hoped to get away with it.

I could see this and felt almost guilty for remarking on it to my friends. Ostapchuck had tested positive the day before the competition and in hindsight it is a pity that she was not removed then and there as to let Valerie have to go through the disappointment of losing and losing the chance of her moment of double glory  in front of the world and her country is unacceptable.

Fortunately justice has been done but the damage cannot be undone.  Some brave person has to go to Belarus and get the gold medal back! New Zealand is going to give her a heroine's welcome. The whole country feels for her.

Well done Valerie Adams. You are the BEST!

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