Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics NZ 2 Bronze Medals!

I love the Olympics. I went to the Olympics when I was four in 1947 and I have enjoyed every Olympics ever since. I discovered then that the best way of enjoying the Olympics is on TV and ever since the normal world stops for me and I indulge in two weeks of wall to wall sport.

I live in New Zealand. I have lived here for most of my life so although I am English as well I can't help supporting the country that has given me everything I wanted out of life. New Zealand has two bronze medals and I am so proud of them. It means more than the gold medal that the UK won during the same competition.

We have just 4 million people, China has a billion and UK 69 million to chose from. Up until yesterday my home country UK had no Gold at all and China just 16. It sounds a lot until you think how huge is their pool of talent. NZ is about the same size as Manchester!

New Zealand performs well outside its talent pool and I think head for head possibly gets the largest tally of medals. The last Games was exceptional as we got ten, yes TEN golds. This time the total will not be as much as simply NZ cannot afford it but two bronze is enough.

Hopefully NZ will get a gold. We have some excellent rowers and cyclists so fingers crossed.

This four year feast will soon be over and I can get back to reality. I prefer artistic pursuits myself.

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