Friday, August 31, 2012

Where are the Paralympics?

Where are the Paralympics? They don't exist if you live outside the United Kingdom. The media coverage is virtually nil. Here is New Zealand live coverage the Opening Ceremony didn't even feature on our news. We only were shown a few stills and even these were outside the Stadium.

Having failed to find anything on NZ Sky  or TVNZ I tried the BBC World News and Sport and surprise, same story. Only stills but a few shots from outside the arena of the fireworks and this is from the major UK broadcaster in the host country.

I listened to World Have Your Say on BBC World radio and it appears that in many countries, Kenya, USA, Norway to name three there is no coverage by the television companies either. NBC took 5 hours of footage but has not shown any on free to air.

WHY? The answer appears to be that only Channel 4 in UK bought the rights and no other country has paid for coverage not even the BBC!

I hate the copyright laws and the free market! They are stifling in many ways. The Paralympics are a great innovation and should be free to all. Shame on you officials for allowing this to happen.

Very, very disappointing!

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