Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best Films of all time Janette Miller's list

Marilyn Munroe Prince and the Showgirl 
Over the past month the list of the ten best films has been to the forefront and it made me think about my personal list of best films.

For the first time Citizen Kane by Orsen Wells has been superseded  by Alfred Hitchcocks Pyscho. The latter is a film I have yet to see as I missed it!

Here is a list of my very, very favorite films ever! These are the ones I watch on a regular basis, say once every two years. Some of these films make me feel good. One or two I like the strength of the story and in one case the brilliance of the actress. All the films, except one, I consider technically magnificent.

So here goes  my first six and in no particular order:

Perfume - the story of a murderer

Bought this in the local supermarket as something cheap to watch. Best buy I ever made. Magnificent film, the acting the direction the plot with the most wonderful denouement. Perfume should not be given to anyone with a weak constitution and not watched when feeling blue. Very scary and best end ever.

The Prince and the Show Girl starring Marilyn Munroe

Again did not see this film until last year when it turned up on YouTube albeit with a advertisement plopped in the centre of the screen, sadly this version has now been removed. It was a revelation. I think Munroe's performance in this film which she co produced must rank as the most wonderful screen performance ever! She acts Sir Laurence Oliver off the screen much to his annoyance.

Tom Jones director Tony Richardson

Based on the novel by Henry Fielding this film was revolutionary. It is a glorious romp through the 18 century England. It has a glorious music sound track, it technically superb, true to the novel and makes me feel good. Albert Finney is delicious.

North by North West  Hitchcock/Cary Grant

Brilliant 1959 film that needs no introduction. The crop spraying sequence is compelling viewing. Cary Grant and Hitchock at their best. Beautifully crafted old fashioned Hollywood movie which is not made today, thank goodness, but for its time and even today this film is riveting for sheer terror with no violence.

Marie Antoinette 

Comedy-drama film based on the years that Marie Antoinette lived at Versailles. I love it especially as it was filmed in Versailles where the film company was allowed to recreate the period with curtains and furniture. Lovely performance by Kirsten Dunst and brilliant direction by Sophia Coppola.

Mama Mia  based on ABBA songs

The best feel good movie for me ever. Makes me feel good at any time and is first choice for viewing while at the dentist have  crown fitted.  If I feel blue I watch this or Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice. This I enjoy too but it s TV programme and so doesn't count.

Some Like it Hot

This film needs no introduction. Brilliant plot but again brilliant performances by Marilyn Munroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Boo boo be doo!

The Importance of Being Earnest both versions

Love the play, love both films, This is the complete work of art as it actor and film proof. It is impossible to give a bad performance of this play. Even I have had a go at it. (See below).

So that's eight. I take it that we all agree Citizen Kane is included as it is one of a kind. Why not tell me your list?

Six months on and I have remembered a couple more that made a big impression on me and should be on my list.

The Third Man and the Harry Lime Theme

Never forgot the fingers of a desperate Harry Lime poking through the street grating as he is killed. Loved the theme music and had it on an old 78. Scared me stiff.

Fantasia Walt Disney

Wonderful! Such vision. Who would dare to do what Walt Disney did in 1940? No one. Sadly the Empire he created is in danger of ruining creativity with its copyright protection legislation. Everything that can be done to protect Mickey Mouse is being done but the films are magic.

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