Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Football World Cup Media Run up

Football World Cup 2010

There is no easy way of saying this but I hate football. I have always hated football since I first saw it on BBC. It was anathema to me when I was four and it still is today.

During my life I have had to put up with hours and hours of football on radio and TV and I can honestly say all the media indoctrination has made no mark on me at all. I still hate football.

My grandfather knew only too well that football was wasted on me. He ran Wembley Stadium, he once almost bought it in 1925 for £10,000, he had all the Cup Final Tickets he required but he said a Cup Final Ticket would be wasted on a girl and he was right.

Women do not enjoy sport! Evidently market research shows that only 2.5% of women enjoy sport and having tried unsuccessfully to sell New Zealand women a specialized womens' sports magazine I should say the research was correct.

Yet women are bombarded by sport every hour of the day. Half the news in most countries is devoted to a subject that half the population has no interest in whatsoever. On Sundays that is all the BBC serves up for hours at night.

The BBC World Radio Service actually  broadcasts live sound commentaries of local football matches to New Zealanders who have no idea who Queen's Park Rangers is.  This is followed by discussions  from Africa where the telephone reception is less than great by fans who heard but did not see the match. Three hours is devoted to this.

Now for the next six weeks women have to suffer in silence the Football World Cup media coverage. Boring!

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