Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pope and Thought for the Day

What a shame his Holiness has turned down the invitation to appear on the BBC  Radio'4's Thought for the Day.. Mark Thompson the Jesuit-educated Roman Catholic  BBC's Director General  must be feeling devastated.

However his Holiness may have been warned of the brilliant spoof entitled Platitude of the Day written by the Rev Peter Hearty  that is published on this web site minutes after Thought for the Day is broadcast. 

Platitude of the Day is brought to you by  Peter Hearty,  who admits to being 'a middle aged, overweight, atheist and life member of the National Secular Society'.

He feels that as the BBC's department of Religion & More Religion, recognises that only those who commune with their invisible magic friend can possibly have any morality. Atheists, agnostics, humanists and other amoral non-believers are therefore excluded from the pure and godly Platitude of the Day, broadcast Monday to Saturday at 07.45 (but obviously not Sundays). For your further edification and spiritual improvement, he therefore presents these concise, bite-size summaries of the wisdom of their presenters.

These spoofs can be very funny indeed and quickly put the pompous presenters firmly in their place but sadly not Popes. Here's one that is for Sex Education Faith School Style. Sadly the Rev Peter Hearty will not be given the opportunity he deserves. It certainly brightens up my evening and I dread the day that  Thought for the Day gets the chop as it will  before long as it is so silly in this day and age,.

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