Monday, June 28, 2010

Germany thump England

The English have just got to face it we are not good at winning games. It is not in our culture or nature. Coming second or last is our national trait.

The Australians are good at winning games and so are the Germans. Even if down  three sets and match point your average 'Aussie Battler' will pull him or herself together, concentrate and win after all Aussies are made to win. It is Australia's right!

The English are too nice to do it. We have empathy with our opponents. We know how awful they would feel if we beat them. We are just no good enough to win even if we are.

Some countries will go to any lengths to win,  France only got to The World Cup because of a blatant hand ball against Ireland. In the good old days of the Cold War the Soviet Union saw to it than any game that relied on subjective judging say gymnastics or Ice skating the judges were well on the Soviet side.

Some countries refuse to play other countries unless they are assured of winning. This surprised me until I found from experience it was true. For those who do not know me I edited the only magazine for devoted to women's sport so I had an insiders perspective.

The English have learned to be good losers. We have had too because we have had a lot of experience. We are the only nation that has hosted the Olympic Games and never won a medal of any colour. In London 1948 all hopes were pinned on the horses to provide the elusive gold medal. Suddenly my father who was an official  heard 'God Save the Queen' being played in the stadium for the winner and general rejoicing ensued until it was found that the Swiss had won and at the time shared the same national anthem!

Thank goodness England is out of the World Cup early. Now let us hope the BBC World Service can resume normal service.

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