Monday, June 7, 2010

Glenda Jackson MP Movie Star

Glenda Jackson MP Movie Star

I first met Glenda Jackson in 1962 when I was an unpaid ASM for Ronald Hayman who was producing and directing Goldini's 'Beware of your wives' in Welleyn Garden City of all places.

I recall Glenda told me off for not calling her 'Miss Jackson' over the tanoy when calling her to the stage and I cheekily remarked 'When I get paid you get called Miss Jackson'.

I remember the conversation we had in the pub on the way artists were exploited. I was being totally exploited on this occasion as she could see. I admired her position but I never imagined that this £9 per week beautiful rep actress would go on to be not only a Movie Star Oscar winner but an British Labour MP.

Our paths have crossed twice since. I was a dancer in 'Women in Love'. I so admired Ken Russell the director and wanted to see how he worked and she was the star. Considering I had been so rude to her I never made my presence known. She was suitably aloof!

Next I wrote to her as a Labour MP. I had seen a Panorama programme in UK on our then Prime Minister Jenny Shipley who had proudly stated on camera that she was 'proud' to have lied to the New Zealand electorate. I felt this was something NZ should see but try as I could I could not get the BBC to part with the footage.

Glenda Jackson did. The incriminating tape was duly sent and for which I am extremely grateful.

Amazing women! We need more of her ilk.

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