Sunday, June 6, 2010

Race vs Religion

Over the last few days some of my friends have criticized my reaction to the Aid Flotilla for Gaza. It seems that they feel that I have an anti-Jewish bias that is not politically correct and that the Israelis had the right to board and kill. They covertly accused me of being antisemitic which I found unpleasant.

Being a good 'Catholic Girl', 'guilt' is my second name I have considered their criticism seriously and after much thought I have come to this conclusion that may clarify my position.

I am 'anti' the religions based on the bible and what is done in their name. I am 'anti' all forms Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I have no favorite biblical religion to dislike. I can be equally harsh on all. I usually restrict myself to my main religion that of the Vatican as this appears to be less offensive but I am highly critical of all the others.

However I am not anti the Jewish 'Race', Arab 'Race' or any 'Race'. I just dislike intensely their religions that some of their 'Race' follow.

It is very difficult for Jews for one cannot escape being born into the Jewish race so Jews are apt to take criticism personally.

Even if a Jew does not believe in his religion he is still of the Jewish 'race' and in some ways obliged to defend what is done in the name of his religion usually by not speaking up although I see some very brave orthodox Jews did in London. This must have been a courageous thing to do under the circumstances.

Zionists play on the past history of antisemitism and make any one even slightly critical of Israel's actions feel guilty which I did yesterday, oblivious to the fact that what is happening in Gaza is comparable with what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Lastly not only did I go to a Roman Catholic school I attended a secular C of E school and a Jewish school. The friends I made at each I still have regardless of their individual religions.

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