Friday, June 4, 2010

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentists! Most people have never heard of such a thing. For many of us who cannot face an ordinary dentist they are the best thing since the invention of glasses!

Laser Dentistry it just means no injections, no infection, and once the old filling is out no pain!

I am of an age to remember real dentistry. The sort where the dentist held you down forcibly in the chair and drilled away with a foot drill, rather like riding a bike. No injections of course and the gas bottle was standing helpfully in the corner for a whiff of gas to remove a tooth.

Two whiffs and thirty seconds later you hopefully woke up minus the offending molar. Unfortunately rather a lot of patients didn't wake up!

My own particular torture was at the age of four when I had to have an impression taken for a gum shield. No advance warning was given. I was just grasped by the huge burly torturer and a metal spoon filled with a raspberry blamanche type mixture forced into my mouth and held there for four minutes.

This nearly chocked me as the plate hit my tonsils and though I struggled to breathe and put up quite a fight the dentist won hands down. Eventually I was released only to have the bottom teeth impression taken.

After what seemed another lifetime the spoon was removed and I, to my great satisfaction, bit him hard on his finger. The dentist's reaction was so pleasing. This great bully withdrew to the back of his surgery crying out in horror and pain 'She bit me!'

I am extraordinarily proud of my achievement but sadly I cannot look a raspberry blamanche in the face to this day. I choke at the sight of it.

Because of my sensitivity to all anesthetics I have to face a crown without a local! I know I have to put up with seven minuets of hell to get the old filling out but it is better than losing a tooth. I tell myself if I put up with worse during my childhood I can do this today.

Wish me luck! I may not be here tomorrow!

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