Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wimbledon Stop the World!

Wimbledon Fortnight

Joy of joys Wimbledon is back again for two whole weeks. For me in New Zealand that means a complete stop to my daily life for I like watching tennis 'live' and that means sitting up all night!

The English produce this type of public entertainment so well even down to the ball boys and the strawberries.

What is it about Wimbledon that is so intoxicating? I do not get so enthusiastic over any other of the Grand Slams and although I could watch I never watch them but Wimbledon holds me under its spell year after year.

I think it is the green of the grass, the clash of the dark olive green paint with the horrible purple, the white of the tennis outfits and perhaps the greatest draw of all the men. They look like Greek gods!

In my youth I was taken to the early Wimbledon knockouts by my school. There are 32 courts in use and one can wander around all day. I only once had a chance to see a match on centre court as someone who was leaving offered me their seat but as I was appearing in 'Stop the World' I could not accept.

My first appearance on BBC TV was made at Wimbledon when my school was filmed as a 'cut away' and that was a thrill as very few saw themselves on TV in those days of only one channel.

I like male tennis as I find it exciting and I get involved in the match. Federer vs Nedal was five hours of sheer pleasure.

The world stops for me for this fortnight!

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