Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peter Goodwin Master Bookbinder 80th Birthday

Peter Goodwin is eighty today. Master bookbinder, philatelist, speciality Egypt and Denmark, Freemason, prison officer and according to his thousands of fans on the internet and 'NZ National Treasure'. Goodwin has reached an age when he should be slowing down but he is still as active, if not as agile, as if he were twenty.

I first met Peter Goodwin at a stamp club and later at a book club. Peter had been president of both. He was very aloof and seldom if ever noticed me among the crowd.

Then the Book club closed their bindery and I had no where to gild and emboss my books. I was told that if I ever needed to gild in future I could use Peter's bindery and so it happened.

Eight years ago I  nearly died. I had caught  Clostridium Dificile, CD the hospital super bug and it had nearly killed me. It had eaten all my nerve ending and I was a mess. To help me get through this nightmare I started book binding again and I needed to do the titles so nothing for it I had to use Peter's bindery.

I was met with a room absolutely packed to the rafters with books and as I needed an unpaid job I asked tentatively if I could come each morning and do the donkey work.

To my eternal gratitude my offer was accepted and for three wonderful months I became possible the worst apprentice Peter has ever had.

Watching this master bookbinder, the last of his ilk, at work made me reach for my video camera. I was being selfish as I wanted a record for myself but iMovie had just begun and I learned to edit video and the result is our successful DVD Series, Bookbinding with Peter Goodwin sold on CreateSpace and

So 'Happy Birthday' Peter Goodwin and many more of them!

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