Saturday, June 5, 2010

DIYTV Janette Heffernan LIVE CV YouTube

 This is my first 'go' at adding a YouTube to my blog so it might as well be my 'Live' CV.

A few years ago  I had this passion and wish that everybody who had a camcoder and a computer should be able to do this as iMovie was really good in the old version. It is not so good today and I still keep iMove 6.3 instead of the upgrade.

Now it is not so easy to do this at home! I soon found out very few want to make their own TV programmes anyway and that is a pity as the current batch are so infantile. However the demise of iMovie 6.3 has now made this impossible without a more complicated video editor like Final Cut Express or something.

Now I am supposed to embed the code here so here goes

Fingers crossed!

Here is the link to my DIYTV web page on this subject if anyone is interested in making a Movie for sale at home.

The DVD 'DIYTV - Learn TV/Movie Production in 44 Minutes' can be bought from That's really all it takes! It is back of the envelope stuff as I found out when I produced my first professional expensive TV programme. Five minutes with a very patronizing TV director and I was educated.

That's enough to do the test!


  1. Well that worked! Now for the music upload or perhaps a cup of hot chocolate!!

  2. Ummm! Main Content Box not quite wide enough for YouTube.
    Had a look at the CSS and it is HUGE. I am supposed to be able to change it but am I up to it? The code is unfamiliar to me so maybe this is a job for a wet Sunday afternoon!