Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crowns in Progress Don't look if under stress!

This  is my first attempt to put up an image. The html code is strange to me too so placing is ho hum. I'll learn it eventually.

Not a very pleasant one I grant you but see what you can accomplish with no anesthetic if  you have a laser dentist! Dr Hisham Abdalla.

I can hardly believe this is me! This one is with the old mercury filling removed. The worst bit! Showing all the decay.

This second  is with all the decay removed.

I am so proud of myself.


  1. Proud of myself on all counts. Strange HTML code but that's OK. Now to get up a video!

  2. Hi Janette, you are better off without mercury in your mouth anyway. I put a video on my blog about smoking teeth. It's a great eye opener.