Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Awful Taste of Whales

Why on earth do the Japanese, Icelanders and Norwegians want to kill whales? Anybody who has had to live on whale meat for any length of time will tell you whale tastes awful.

How do I know ? After the Second World War those unfortunate enough not to have a black market butcher or be one of the mega rich who could afford to eat out each day had to eat the stuff. It looked so beautiful to those of use deprived of the sight of real meat. I say meat because children born in the war really had no idea that there were different sorts of meat. We never saw enough to learn the difference.

The steaks of whale meat looked so inviting red an juicy. They looked delicious while they were being fried and plated up. It was even enticing when one cut into the thick bloody flesh and put the juicy morsel into one's mouth and then.......ugh!

The taste is indescribable, but horrible, in fact uneatable, enough to make one throw up We used to throw the steaks away untouched and groaned when it was back on the menu as there was nothing else that week.

One really only eats whale when there is nothing else in the larder so why do the Japanese insist on their rights to slaughter these magnificent creatures? I read somewhere the Japanese never caught whale either until after the Second World War , it is not as though it is a cultural custom as the Japanese  make out like the Icelanders who should be ashamed of the way they massacre the poor creatures or the Norwegians who just don't seem to care or know about the whale problem and leave it to others to do the job for them.

The fact that one has a 'right to do it' doesn't mean 'it is right to do it' and in the case of whales, the actual taste is so ghastly I can't see why anyone should want the 'right'. I would pay not to eat the stuff!

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