Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israel and International Piracy

'So we have a country that shows no regard for international law. A country that has invaded and stolen land from many of it's neighbours, a country that sends tanks and aircraft against unarmed populations, that ghettoises those it feels 'don't belong' or have a right to be equal. This country is now the most heavily armed in it's region, and now is attacking civilian shipping in international waters.'

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Sometimes in life it is easier not to look. The Western World has not been 'looking' at Israel for some considerable time. Because of the Holocaust and the collective guilt associated with the tolerance of the Nazis to exterminate a totally innocent race in the most horrendous manner Israelis have been allowed behavior that would not be tolerated by any other race.

The world sat back and let the Warsaw Ghetto happen. Hundreds of thousands of Jew were herded together and virtually starved and terrified out of existence. The Polish Jews eventually rebelled but were not helped by the allies who under Stalin held back Soviet Forces for three weeks to let the Nazis finish the job.

Now the Zionists feel as the 'Chosen People' they have God's permission to take the Holy Land in anyway they choose. God gave it to them and because of the Holocaust nobody is going to stop them. No matter that the Zionists are behaving inappropriately to the citizens of Gaza.

I went to a Jewish school in London. Most of my school friends were Jewish. They are a proud and intensely tribal race who do not want outsiders. I was called a 'Goy and definitely inferior'! It was impossible for me to marry my Jewish boyfriend because he would have been ostracized by his family and lose his job in the family firm. I understand their worries and I usually keep quiet when anything pertaining to Israel is mentioned. It is just not done to criticize Israel.

However on this occasion Israel has gone too far. Boarding the Aid Ships for Gaza on the high seas is an act of international piracy on par with any Somali pirate. Ship owners have the right to repel borders. Why should one stand by and let pirates even in the guise of the Israeli Army board a ship illegally and the the Israelis complain bitterly that their soldiers encountered force. The soldiers knew what they were doing.

Now it seems the Israelis because of their 'hold' on the USA are to be allowed to hold the 'independent inquiry' themselves. Bit like putting the Fox in charge of the turkeys!

It is very small world these days and we are all citizens of it. No longer does one race or nationality have the right to imprison and starve another race to death because God told them they could.

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